Trick Of The Month!

This simple page is dedicated to tricks that fool other magician.  Sure, we all know "you can't make a living performing for other magicians." But, we all DO look for the ones that fool our peers, and that's what this page is for! And the simpler, the better!


I'll add one of my favorites, and I hope to hear from you with your simplest and best!

This page will also grow graphically as we add to the site!

** Click on any link below for Walt Noon's trick of that month. **

Click Here For "Behind The Back." A clean, simple, menatalism stunt.

Click Here For "Disintigration." Finally, A USE For Flashpaper Beyond A Flash.

Click Here For "Marked Cards." A way to stop a card act that seems never ending.

Click Here For "The Flat Palm." A way to look like the best coin magician ever.

Note:  The trick of the month has gone UNDERGROUND.
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