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Get all the details on how to build your own working flea circus!  What they are, how they work and where they're from.  The "flea circus kit" includes 1 hour and 45 minutes of extraordinary video, a "flea CD," and complete booklet.
The video shows a real turn of the century circus (with real fleas) in action, complete step by step details for constructing your own circus, a segment on flea training, and footage of our circus performed on T.V. in Holland.  The CD has flea circus music as well as drawings, pictures,  and stories, and, the booklet gives a complete listing of parts, so you WILL succeed!
The entire package is $59.95 on DVD or $49.95 VHS.


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For those interested in having a circus custom built, C
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The "Pocket Spooler" is probably the best thread spooling device on the market.
We had a long time problem in that despite it's superb function, each spooler took 30 to 45 minutes to assemble.  So, even though demand was always there, we just couldn't keep up and make a profit.
In the next two to three weeks we'll have an EASY to assemble kit of our famous Pocket Spooler!
This way, if you have 30 EASY minutes to spend assembling a spooler, you get your own Pocket Spooler at a major bargain and we eliminate 30 to 45 minutes per unit spent.
Check back on this page for the FORMAL release of the video/kit in the next few weeks.

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