The Ultimate Substitution Trunk?
I think so, but YOU decide!
Metamorphosis / Eye of the Needle / Escapes / More

(Note:  This web page is still under construction, but have a peek!)

This beautiful trunk is made by master cabinet maker Ed Eccleston.  Unlike so many "cheesy" plywood contraptions, this is a true work of art.  It has been made to the same standards as  the fine furniture his shop makes for classic homes.  "The Box" will add tremendous authenticity and beauty to your act and could well become an heirloom!.
The trunck is FULLY inspectable, bang on it, open it, climb on it.  Let them play with it all they want; there's no way to detect the secret.  Yet, the clever secret within this box allows you to appear and disappear from within the box in seconds.  Unlike nearly any other sub trunk, you can operate "the box" from both inside and out!

Remove a handful of bolts, and this astounding box folds down into two small packages less than 62" Length, Width, and Girth.  Each package is therefore well under the size and weight limits required by the airlines currently!

Despite folding to such a small size, the box has more than enough room to work with a 6'2" performer!

"The Trickster" seen here before his European tour with the box!

"The box" is seen here on stage at the beginning of a world tour!
It is specifically designed to be used in MULTIPLE illusions in the same show, including metamorphosis and the seldom seen "eye of the needle."  These are discussed in a booklet of effects that comes with the box.


Incredible craftsmanship.
Fully inspectable.
Secret can be worked from both inside AND out thanks to clever PK magnets using in construction.
Disassembles to two packages less than 62" length width girth.
Can be used for multiple effect, including seldom seen "Eye of the Needle." (Patter given.)
Construction is the same high quality as a piece of fine furniture, for the performer who's act is a showpiece itself!.