Sticky The Magician

Sticky was born in sunny Southern California.  Little is known about his parents, who choose to remain out of the spotlight, secluded somewhere in either Canada or the perhaps the Bahamas. 

There was little doubt about the man that Sticky would become.  He practiced magic from a very early age and soon became known through the magic community as Sticky The Magician.

As a performer, Sticky wanted to be attached to large project that would catapult him into the stratosphere of fame and fortune.  He saw that opportunity in a small new magic supply company named The Magic of Matthew Roddy, a company offering mostly original magic developed by Matthew’s long-time partner, Walt Noon. Some time in 1990 or ‘91, Sticky the Magician was introduced to Matthew and Walt.

It wasn’t long before Matthew had Sticky on the payroll as lead performer, demonstrating the illusions that Noon was developing.  The Matthew Roddy/Walt Noon partnership quickly recognized just how incredibly versatile Sticky was, being able to not only perform Walt’s illusions, but even suggest minor improvements to the performance and elegance of the effects.  When Sticky suggested that they bring his assistant, Tricky, on board, he was hard to refuse.  The couple brought a simple elegance to not only the illusion manuals developed for every magic effect Matthew and Walt offered, but they became the poster children for almost every advertisement.  From direct mailings to full-page ads in highly popular trade magazines, Tricky and Sticky brought a familiar feel that the public warmly responded to.  Though they lacked the polish and sophistication they presently enjoy, they worked hard and without complaint for hours on end, lending a performer’s take on each of the illusions that they fronted.

In late 1992, the performing duo took on a new look as Matthew upgraded his graphic program from Dr. Halo to Corel Draw 4.  The growing pains caused quite a bit of friction in the team and the future was uncertain.  Tricky and Sticky continued to perform together but without Matthew as he took some time away to explore new avenues and reinvent the stage that they would eventually all share.  Finally, however, the love that the team had developed for one another held them together through this rough transition period.

In late1993 Sticky found himself featured in a major illusion called The Disk (or, Was That Your Card).  It was up to Sticky to secretly invade a client’s computer and divine a card that they had chosen, and then disappear without a trace

Tricky and Sticky went on to perform illusions such as The Bending Quarter, Miracle Thread, Flash Cards, Walt Noon’s Pocket Spooler, all of the PK (Psycho-Kinesis) effects and many more.

In 1997, Sticky was introduced to a new medium, through the magic of 3D computer art.  As Matthew struggled to learn Imagine (by Impulse), Sticky graced the cover of several year-end catalogs.  He was even brought in to help promote the early web site showcasing The Magic of Matthew Roddy and Walt Noon.

It wasn’t until December 2003 that Sticky made the transition to the new 3D space of Lightwave (Newtek). He will be now be opening and perhaps even hosting some of the Construction and How-To videos offered by The Magic of Matthew Roddy and Walt Noon (Produced by Walt Noon and Magic Video Productions).

Tricky and Sticky have been performing together their entire careers.  And, while it was rumored that the couple was married at midnight on New Year’s Eve 2000, this is something they neither confirm nor deny.   The controversy rages.

Through the years, Tricky and Sticky the Magician have remained steadfast and loyal to The Magic of Matthew Roddy and Walt Noon.  With new projects always in the works, the close-knit crew surges forth through the new millennium.  And, though the future is always uncertain, you can rest assured this team will be together – always.

Copyright, The Theoretical Associated Press, 2003