Off List Magic

Many of the most unusual magic tricks are things that we have carried only "off the list."
These can be hard to find items with a very limited supply (something we got a great price on that we can pass along) or just unusual items that we're struck by!
Over the years we've carried a large number of such items....
This page will change frequently and some very rare things will pop up from time to time, so bookmark that URL.  :-)

Beat The House!
This booklet gives a truly excellent system for learning to count cards effortlessly, and fun tips for doing it sucessfully from ex casino security.
As you probably know, it's a statistical fact that if you play a perfect game of blackjack there is an 87% chance you will double your money within 200 hands.

So, you're probably asking the same thing I would, if it's such a great system, why would someone give it away?
The answer is simple, over two years of play at low stakes tables, one friend calculated his winnings to have been approximately $12 per hour of play.  He was delighted, as he loves to play. And, after 2 years of weekly play, he was still ahead by that amount.  But even a perfect counter only averages a 2% advantage, so it's not a "get rich quick" scheme.  It's a way to play all night and 87% of the time you come away with cash.

Card counting can't be prosecuted, and it's fun to know that YOU can play with the advantage.
If you're like me, at most magic shows SOMEONE says "I bet they don't let YOU in Vegas."  I think it's fun to actually know the ins and outs of what someone "cheating" by playing a perfect game might know.
One quick note: It is illegal in most places to use a computer to beat the house.  So, the simple plans in the booklet for building card counting computers (including how to modify an ordinary calculator or wrist watch) and everything else discussed.
are for your informational purposes only.  I have a VERY limited number of these booklets left and won't reprint these.  They can be ordered at the sale price of just $3.00 (shipping included) by clicking the "buy now" button .


Here is one item I can't be in any way unbiased about.  In fact, in my mind I can't understand why any magician, especially a mentalist wouldn't kill for these recordings.  But that's because I have an almost wild eyed love of old audio recordings!  I've been mesmerized by them all my life.
For many years now I've gone to every extreme to collect audio recordings of magicians of days past, and a few modern ones!  These recordings are a treasure trove of very, very  powerful performances and ideas.  But, they are not only useful, they are hypnotically entertaining to listen to!
These recordings feature such legends as Blackstone, Chandu, Dunninger, Houdini, Mandrake, and MANY others.
When I say "every extreme," I mean it.  Many of these recordings were rescued (by myself and friends) from old reel to reel tapes where they were archived in nonsequential order, and edited back together.
Some tapes were fading away to oblivion.  I went though tapes I would receive and digitized them into MP3 format, and archived them lovingly onto CDs.
And, that's where I think the second technological miracle starts....  Saving the collection as high quality MP3s allowed me to put up to 80 HOURS of audio on one cd!  So my entire current library of over 232 shows, more than 100 hours of listening pleasure can now be yours on just two CDs.  You can instantly have what took me more than a decade to collect.
If you enjoy radio drama, good story telling and powerful magic performances I think you'll enjoy listening to these recordings for a very long time.
The entire collection on CD is $29.00, and you know where much of that goes: collecting more audio!


I'm not certain if this qualifies as a magic trick or not.  It's a weird little device I've been playing with since my teens (pictured in the insert).  This gadget is about the size of an electronic "bug."  What  it does is very simple and odd: it jams radio and television broadcasts within about 50 to 100 feet.
So, what good is that?  I really don't know!  But, I did briefly become famous among friends for being able to turn radios off with my mind.  (The device in pocket when switched on will make it seem like radios that are playing have gone dead.)  And, at one superbowl party I found my "powers" were corrupting the T.V. right as touchdowns were scored.  (This caused a mild insanity at the party, especially with the friend who bought the new, large screen T.V..)  Last, I had a friend with a noisy neighbor who played his stereo late at night inconsiderately, and by golly that stereo just stopped working after about 10:00pm!  He had it repaired several times he told us, but nothing seemed to help other than playing it quietly!  Hmmm.
This item is "off list" because it's a quirky, simple, unpolished little gizmo.  I'll assemble them just as they're needed, so there may be a delay in shipping.  The device can only jam a signal that is broadcast, it can't jam a CD or a tape.  I think it's the kind of "effect" that you don't perform, but wait for that opportunity where it's perfect and expand your ledgend.

If ordering from overseas, please click the button below.  ( To add $3 postage.)

Please note:  I assemble these in my "spare time," and mostly for fun. So, turn around can be a couple of weeks.

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