The Juice Deck?

In general, we've considered making Juice Decks to be too time consuming to make them a regular part of our catalog.  As mentioned in our Juice link, they aren't hard to make, they just take up enough time that we knew we'd be unable to sell to distributors and still bring them to you at a fair price.
"Hiring out" was out because a good deck needs 52 perfect cards which requires a lot of quality control..
For this reason we have offered you The Juice for marking your OWN cards elsewhere on the web page.
Recently, while making a LARGE number of cards, we found that we had several piles of perfect Juice cards extra.  So, if you'd like a premade Juice deck instead of marking your own, I do have a limited number of decks to sell directly at the moment.
These are permanent decks with quality markings.
(If you are unfamiliar with The Juice, please click the link above for a description.)
Your deck will also include instructions, and a small supply of Juice for making replacement cards should you ever need them.

Total price, just $25!


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