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"Breaking" News!

Our Miracle Thread (TM), and Extra Strong Thread were selected for use in the movie "Loony Tunes Back In Action."
We asked Bugs and Daffy what it was for, but as you can see, they weren't saying.

(as of 10/08/04)
Miracle Thread BLACK LABEL!

Simply put, Miracle Thread is the best elastic invisible thread we've ever seen.  (Or not seen.)  When we introduced the ORIGINAL Miracle Thread (9 years ago), many magicians, reviewers, and magic societies said that it was the new standard for invisible thread.  Since then virtually every large magic distributor has carried that original thread under their own name.
Miracle Thread is astounding because THE THREAD IS THE GIMMICK!  A tiny piece 6 inches long can be carried on your person without fear of tangles, yet when set out, instantly stretches to a length of several feet to float an object seamlessly, then recovers back again to vanish!  The same thread can be used over and over.
Miracle Thread has the following astounding characteristics:

Now, we have something EVEN BETTER for you than the original Miracle Thread:
Black Label
(O.K., we know that's pretty dramatic, but we're very proud of our new product.)

Black Label Miracle thread is simply thinner, and darker than our older Miracle Thread.  It also beats the one problem all elastic threads had:  It can be stretched over and over and will not shine when stretched.  (Older elastic threads will lose their color and shine if stretched repeatedly.)
We've accomplished this with a time consuming, 3 step process that IMPREGNATES the fibers with an ash black dye!
This took over a year of goofing around with it, oops, "I mean careful experimentation" to finally hit upon a way to do this, and we're very proud of this new thread.  We think you will be too! 
Your order will include a free booklet with effects and care instructions as well as enough thread to do over 200 FLOATS!

Click Here for a short video.  (Available after 10/30/04)

Miracle Thread CLEAR

Note:  On special request, we can provide Miracle Thread "clear."  Clear thread is often handy for loops, or close in to light backgrounds.  Just let us know if you'd like it CLEAR and we'll conjure it up.  :-)

Extra Strong Invisible Thread

Matthew Roddy's Extra Strong Thread is an extremely light weight thread capable of supporting a full ounce in weight!  (We've carefully suspended a FULL deck of cards with this thread weighing 2 ounces!)
We supply this thread to the entire magic industry for use in their thread spoolers and other gadgets.  (It's about the same weight and visibility as the thread in an ITR.)
Your own floating rose, floating bill, or any other tradition floats will be done much more reliably with Extra Strong.  (For extreme close up, use our lighter "Miracle Thread" or "Magic Store" threads.)
If you need a thread that won't break, and have some control of your surroundings and distance from the audience, Extra Strong is a sure winner.  (Unretouched photo seen here against white background!)
Imagine the possibilities of a stronger thread....


Regular Magic Store Thread

Still a proven winner.  For EXTREME close up, our "regular" magic store thread can't be beat.  This is a non elastic thread great for animating your floating object!  Our "regular" thread is the same as you'll find in the better magic stores, except, we dye it double black, and, you get a lot more for the same money.
All our thread comes with a tips booklet to have you up and floating and getting the best use of your thread in no time.

More Thread and thread control products to be added soon!
Please check back often.  We have CRAZY things in the works for you!

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