Produce your business card from a ball of flame! Any time - Any where!

Get the instant attention of everyone in the room!

Your card will continue to flame while you hand it out!

Completely self contained in an attractive billfold!
Or - you can use your own card billfold!

Includes effects!

Walt Noon's "Flash Cards" is an attractive billfold that holds your business cards.  To look at it, you'd think it was the same thing any professional might carry.  When you open it, there is a loud band and a ball of fire envelopes your business card!  The card continues to flame as you hand it to your customer.  This WILL get the attention of the whole room!  The flame magically disappears just before it reaches your audience.

The billfold is also exactly the right size so a playing card may also be used!  Imagine a vanishing card - then have it return in a ball of fire from you wallet!   This effect is included in your package.  What an opener!

Make a deep and lasting impression!
Only $17.00.

This Item Is Sold Out!

However, if you'd still like a Flashcard made as a "special request" item, please